οι μέλισσές μας συλλέγουν γύρη και μέλι από όλα τα άγρια βότανα που έχει η Κρήτη, όπως φασκόμηλο, δίκταμο, θυμάρι και τόσα άλλα: αυτό είναι που το κάνει μοναδικό και ξεχωριστό...

οι συνεργάτες μας...


I am Kostas Fragiadakis. I come from Vorizia, a small, historical village at the foot of Mount Psiloritis.

Since childhood I helped my grandfather with his beekeeping, I grew to love this old craft and teach it to my children.

Our ancestors have taught us the love and respect for the bees whose contribution to the natural balance and healthy ecosystem is of vital importance.

We move our beehives from mountain to mountain.

We do this so that our bees can collect pollen and nectar from the wild aromatic herbs that grow in Crete, such as sage, dittany, thyme and many more: this is what makes our honey truly unique…


We bottle and label our pure honey at our state-of-the-art installations, situated nearby the Neolithic palace of Phaistos.

Our state-of-the-art bottling and labelling unit is located in Phaistos, at the foothill of Mount Psiloritis. The bottling and labeling process of our honey is direct with absolutely no additives whatsoever and under regulations and specifications as defined by the Quality System.

The mountains of Crete: This is where our pure honey, with subtle Cretan wild flower aromas…

Flora is quite dense in the mountains of Crete, consisting of self-sown, aromatic herbs and plants, trees and shrubs, some of which are endemic, they grow exclusively in Crete, away from the urban pollutants.


In weddings, birthdays and other happy life events in Crete, people prepare sweet, delicious treats and dishes that are based on honey.

Κρητικό Μέλι, Οικογένεια Φραγκιαδάκης- Alfa Honey & ΑΟΡΙΤΙΚΟ - Αληθινά αγνό και ανόθευτο, αυθεντικό κρητικό μέλι

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